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Connecting Brands to Multicultural Audiences

About Us

At the Forefront of Multicultural Marketing.

Luvila is a word in Kikonko, a Bantu language spoken in the Democratic Republic of Congo, the Republic of Congo and Angola, and also used in a creolized form in Jamaica and Haiti. "Luvila" ("Mvila" in plural) means "unite" or "descent" in Kikongo, and refers to people sharing the same culture, language, rituals, traditions & values. We strongly believe that cultural heritage should be taken into consideration to efficiently promote a product or a service to people of African Descent.

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Strategy. Creativity. Diversity.

Luvila Marketing values the importance of segmenting an audience based on the cultural homogeneity of this latter to propose them products and services adapted to their physical and cultural characteristics. We provide you with a creative and methodical approach by offering consumer research, strategic planning services, marketing communications and event planning services to help you reach the African, Caribbean and Black audience.
So whether you are an entrepreneur, a small business or a corporate targeting these communities, Luvila Marketing provides you with quality services for all your advertising needs.

We Have Expertise Passion Creativity

Our philosophy is to go beyond offering you the best-in-class services.
We thrive on the following principles:

  • Being proactive and innovative for each project
  • Highlighting and celebrating the African and Caribbean culture
  • Supporting and guiding our clients every step of the way
  • Transforming your great idea into a successful venture


We focus on key industries

Banks & Finances

Beauty & Cosmetics



Import & Export

Money Transfer

Travel & Tourism


Our Team

Our dedicated subject matter experts are here to support you & your business.

Patricia Assabe

Founder & CEO

Christel Ilaka

Head of New Technology

Sandrine Johnson

Creative Director

Aurélie Assabe

Online Acquisition Specialist

Beatrice Mampuya

Marketing Coordinator

Kesia Nay Kassembe

Community Manager

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