Black Women Beauty Trends in Canada

The concept of ethnocosmetics appeared more than 10 years ago, and it refers to the specific cosmetics products for pigmented skin. This industry is well developed in the United States where non-Caucasian communities represents a large portion of the population. The term “ethnic skins” is used to refer to black skins, Asians and Hispanics.

Health & beauty products intended to ethnic skins are designed for and adapted to the specificities of these skins. Same for make-up.

Ethnocosmetics is not only a commercial concept: it was also created to meet real needs because there are histo-physiological differences between the various skin types, which must be taken into consideration when formulating a product.

Nowadays, the offer for health & beauty products geared toward black and mixed skin is increasing. Whether it’s for hair products, cosmetics or even make-up, large groups and major brands are marketing more and more specific products for ethnic skin.

In this context, Luvila Marketing has started a survey to get a better understanding of the Canadian market, the needs, the habits and the beauty trends of Black woman in Canada, when it comes to haircare and skincare.

If you identify as an African, Caribbean or Black woman living in Canada, please feel free to take this short survey. Your answers will be confidential and will help identify the gaps and the needs in health & beauty for the community



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