Our Services

Our Services

Research & Insights

We offer qualitative and quantitative studies to help you get a better understanding of African, Caribbean and Black audiences in terms of motivations, media consumption habits, attitudes, lifestyle or purchase behaviors.
We use various methods like focus groups, online surveys, one-on-one interviews and real time observation to see how customers interact with your products or services.
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We assist you in the implementation of efficient communication strategy and media plan, based on the results of our studies and using the appropriate messaging, cultural nuances and purchasing behaviors of the African, Caribbean and Black audiences.
Our strategy consulting services also provide you with the opportunity to analyze your marketing initiatives, before recommending you a personalized marketing communications plan, a digital strategy or a social media strategy which will allow you to better serve your target audience.


We support you in the development of an optimal brand image and visual identity that stands out from the crowd. Our certified Digital Marketing, SEO and Web Design experts can plan, develop and optimize your online presence while taking into consideration online behaviors of ethnic audiences.
Whether it’s for offline communications (posters, business cards, brochures, flyers, banners & displays, print ads, press relations) or online communications (website development, digital marketing or social media), we excel in developing compelling & creative content that resonate with multicultural audiences and generate engagement.

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